NMEA-0183 message: PNTL,EVT

Event marker data

The EVT message, generates a sentence containing external event marker data.




Some examples of the EVT message string are:



PTNL,EVT message fields

Field Meaning
0 Talker ID $PTNL
1 Message ID EVT
2 Event time. UTC time of event in format hhmmss.ssssss : Hours,Minutes,Seconds. Resolved microseconds
3 Port number. Port event markers receiver: "1" or "2" (optional), if two ports are available.
4 NNNNNN. Incremental number of events on each independent port.
5 WWWW. Week number of event (since 06 January 1980).
6 Day of week. Days denoted 0 = Sunday…6 = Saturday.
7 Leap second. UTC Leap Second offset from GPS time, Currently 18 seconds as of 07 July 2017.
8 The checksum data, always begins with *