NMEA-0183 message: PTNL,BPQ

Base station position and quality indicator

This message describes the base station position and its quality. It is used when the moving base antenna position and quality are required on one serial port (along with a heading message) from a receiver in heading mode.

An example of the PTNL,BPQ message string is:


BPQ message fields

Field Meaning
0 Talker ID
2 UTC time of position fix, in hhmmss.ss format. Hours must be two numbers, so may be padded, for example, 7 is shown as 07.
3 UTC date of position fix, in ddmmyy format. Day must be two numbers, so may be padded, for example, 8 is shown as 08.
4 Latitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (ddmm.mmmmmmm)
5 Direction of latitude:

N: North
S: South

6 Longitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (dddmm.mmmmmmm). Should contain three digits of ddd.
7 Direction of longitude:

E: East
W: West

8 Height Ellipsoidal height of fix (antenna height above ellipsoid). Must start with EHT.
9 M: ellipsoidal height is measured in meters
10 GPS quality indicator:

0: Fix not available or invalid
1: Autonomous GPS fix
2: Differential SBAS, or OmniSTAR VBS
4: RTK Fixed
5: OmniSTAR XP, OmniSTAR HP, CenterPoint RTX, Float RTK, or Location RTK

11 The checksum data, always begins with *