NMEA-0183 message: PTNL,AVR

Time, yaw, tilt/roll, range for moving baseline RTK

NOTE – The heading computation in this message is computed from the moving baseline vector, which requires a two-antenna system.

An example of the PTNL,AVR message string is:



AVR message fields

Field Meaning
0 Message ID $PTNL,AVR
1 UTC of vector fix
2 Yaw angle, in degrees
3 Yaw
4 Tilt angle, in degrees
5 Tilt
8 Range, in meters (between antennas)
9 GPS quality indicator:

0: Fix not available or invalid
1: Autonomous GPS fix
2: Differential carrier phase solution RTK (Float)
3: Differential carrier phase solution RTK (Fix)
4: Differential code-based solution, DGPS

11 Number of satellites used in solution
12 The checksum data, always begins with *