NMEA-0183 message: DP (Dynamic Positioning)

Proprietary Fugro message

The resulting message is shorter than the maximum defined message length of 82 characters, even with mm level resolution in Latitude/Longitude.

$PFUGDP,GG,hhmmss.ss, ddmm.mmmmm,N, dddmm.mmmmm,E, NN,Q,DD,aa.a,bb.b,ddd,rr.r

An example of the DP message string is:


DP message fields

Field Meaning
0 Message ID $PFUGDP
1 Two-character code for GPS (GP), GLONASS (GL) or GNSS (GN) data
2 UTC time (hhmmss.ss)
3–4 Latitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (ddmm.mmmmm) and Latitude sign (N/S)
5–6 Longitude, in degrees and decimal minutes (dddmm.mmmmm) and Longitude sign (E/W)
7 Total number of satellites (GPS + GLONASS)
8 DPVOA (UK00A) quality indicator1
9 DGNSS mode indicator (as NMEA standard for $ GNS)
10 Error ellipse standard deviation semi-major axis, in meters (aa.a)
11 Error ellipse standard deviation semi-minor axis, in meters (bb.b)
12 Direction of the error ellipse, in degrees
13 RMS value of the standard deviation of the range inputs to the navigation process2